Guardians of Justice 

Our History                                                                                                                  

     One day Despair cried out, "Let there be a guild which will stand up to the forces
of evil, and bring the them like sheep at the slaughter.  May there be a guild which will help the needy and avenge the grieving.  Justice will prevail!"  He then set to work to form a guild of gifted warriors and called upon his friends Caesar and Guardian.   "Friends," he said, "Let us make a name for ourselves.  What shall we be called: Warriors of the Round,  Knights of Goodness, Defenders of Justice, Guardians of Righteousness?"  In reply, Caesar said, "Those are all great names, why not merge the better of the two to make one which is the best."   On that day, the world was forever changed and Guardians of Justice arose as a force to stand up for what is right and deliver all good from all that is of evil.


     Since that time much has changed, the revered names above have become part of legend. The values held by them have matured and combined with new ones to create the Guild we are today.