Greetings traveller and welcome to the realm protected by the Guardians of Justice.  Please feel free to stay a while and rest. 

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    The Guardians of Justice are a guild whose goal is to make a positive difference on  We aim to be an influence in Diablo II (Including Expansion Pack: Lord of Destruction), Starcraft and Broodwars.  We are not just your average search-and-destroy guild.  Our members take it as their responsibility to help everyone who is in need.  Our members playing style is legit (no hacks/trainers), the only exception to this is when hunting a known PK who uses hacks or cheats and we only use them then in order to ensure that Justice is served.   Members with special abilities proudly serve our guild and help make it what it is.


If you are interested in joining our guild, feel free to go to our Sign Up Page to become a member. If you would like more information about the guild, then please Click Here.  And don't be afraid to post a message on our Forums


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