Ranks are in descending order of power.

    1.  Baron @

    2.  Chancellor #

    3.   Lord !

    4.  Guardian $

    5.   Paladin ^+

    6.   Knight ^^

    7.   Warrior ::

    8.   Squire ..

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    The Barons form a group known as the High Council, which is the ruling body of the guild.  All of the important decisions for the guild are made by the Barons.  There are upto 10 Barons at one time.  They share power, yet they all have different responsibilities.  No sole person has total control of the guild.  All members of the High Council are cleared to look at the most classified data.  Before any member can join the High Council, they must first prove themselves worthy, demonstrate they have talents that can be used, and then go through a probation period of close to a month while the High Council reviews their case.


    This rank is a combination of the Lord and Baron rank.  There can be only 3 chancellors maximum.  The duty of the Chancellor is to be the Chief Advisors to the Barons.  They attend the meetings of the High Council and give and advice and recommendations to the Barons.  Chancellors are almost as powerful as Barons, except they do not make the final descisions that the Barons do.  Chancellors can have multiple duties in the guild, and play a major role in its function.  People who are chancellors should be repected.  This rank is attained only by being appointed by the High Council.



    The main duty of the Lord is to advise the Barons.  They have risen through the ranks and have shown that they have wisdom and are willing to give their advice. Lords can have the responsibilities of  Barons and do have their share of power.  Classified documents can be seen by them since they have proven their loyalty.  Only Lords may go on to be Barons after they have been approved by the High Council and have met all the requirements.



    Guardians are the members who maintain harmony inside the guild.   They try to recruit members whom they feel would be a help to the guild, and they try to use their skills the best they can to make their guild the best.  It is their duty to answer the questions about the guild that people may ask them since they should know almost everything about the guild.



    Paladins are the sworn enemies of pks and the friends to those in need.  They are the ones who give a regular report to the High Council.  Their motto is "we live to serve" and it is them who the true light of our intentions shines from. 



    A knight follows his code of chivalry and strives to his best.   They practice day and night preparing themselves for any dangers that may lie ahead. 



   A Warrior has shown at one time or another that he/she participates in the guild by recruiting more members, make suggestions to The High Council, or by submitting the names of pks.  They have learned a little about the guild and will try their best to serve the High Council



   The squires are the apprentices of the guild.  They have been recruited and now it is their job to prove themselves to their superiors.  It is possible for members to stay as squires for as long as they do not communicate or participate in the guild.  It is one of the easiest ranks to be promoted from, however, many members do not get past this rank.