Our Sacred Rules

These are the rules that must be followed at all times to remain a member of our guild.  Failure to do so will result in a probation period and a suspension of your membership. If circumstances warrant it, then exceptions can be made.  It is the decision of the Council which will determine the final punishment.

01.   No PKing (Player Killing)for any reason.  This means you may not attack another person unless you are absolutely positive that they are a PK (Player Killer).

02.   Use of hacks, cheats or other programs to assist game play is strictly forbidden under our legit play style.  The ONLY exception to this is when hunting a known PK, who uses cheats or hacks, in this case they can be used to help defend yourself.

03.   No GoJ member may attack another GoJ member or member of another guild.  If you come across a member of a PK guild, respect him or her, and do not start a war with them.  If you want to pursue that PK, get permission from the Council before doing so.

04.  No member is allow to give out passwords, game names or information that should remain within the guild.  Anyone caught giving out information will be immediately put on probation while his/her case is being reviewed by the Council.  Note that displaying the map in Diablo II reveals the game password to others with you in the room.  

05.  Members must always treat others with respect whether the other person is a PK or not.  When you find someone who is hurt or in need, it is your responsibility to help.  Treat others as you would expect to be treated.  Foul, crude and rude language is unacceptable.  Failure to follow this rule is a disgrace to the whole guild and those who dishonour us have no place here.

06.  To tell other members and our allies that you belong to our guild, you must put -GoJ at the end of your Diablo Series names and put at the end of your Starcraft and Broodwars names.  If you do not do this, you may not be recognised and may be asked to leave or kicked from our or allied channels.

07.  On a regular basis members must communicate with the High Council.  If this does not happen, the High Council will assume that the member is not active and will remove the member from the main list.

08.  Do not invite any none guild members into our channel.  It is for security reasons.  If you want to recruit or talk to someone, take them to channel GoJ to discuss things or indeed to a private game of your own making. Keep in mind that we share our channel with our allies, and what ever happens in that channel affects us all.

09.  Do not invite non members into Guild games, please create a game of your own and take them there.

10. Members are required to have the ICQ Instant Messenger.  It is the set standard.  You can use the standard ICQ client or Trillian as an alternative.


These are the rules which must be followed if you want to be promoted.

1.  Every member has the right to invite other people into the guild.  However, if a member invites someone, they have to provide the High Council with the person's Name/Nickname, character's name, character's class, email address, and what instant message system if any.  Before the person may become a member, they must go through a probation period where they play on the battle.net with one of the members of the High Council.

2.  Members must attend all meetings as called for by the Council, exceptions can be made under reasonable circumstances.  It is highly recommended that members attend tournaments held by GoJ and its allies.

3.  Members are encouraged to visit and post in the forums of GoJ and its allies, even if you have no time with which to actively game with others.  These forums form an important part of the communications between members within GoJ and GoJ members with our allies.