Here are some secrets to Diablo which you should be very interested by. 

1.  If you ever wondered how to dupe over the, here is the secret of how you do it.  First, pick the item you want to dupe.  Then throw it down onto the  ground.  After that, check your inventory to make sure that you have enough room for it after you pick it up.  Next, close your inventory window and have a potion ready in you belt.  Pick up the item now and if you have enough lag (choppyness in the game caused by people with slow modems or computers or just having lots of people) there should be a delay where the item on the ground stays for a while before going into your inventory.  The moment it disappears, throw down your potion and the item you wanted to duplicate should fall to the ground.  When you are duping items, it is recommend that you use the cheap 50 gold coin potions and not the expensive ones.  Mastering the skill of duping is a skill that may take a little bit of time, but it is well worth the practice.

2.  I am sure that most of you have encountered a pk with God Mode atleast once.  Most people think that there is no way to stop them, but there actually is.  There is a glitch that you can take advantage of to kill those "invincible" pks.  First, hot key your spells and to assign a key to fireball and heal other. Second shoot them with fireball spell, then immediately use heal other on them. Their hit points should turn negative and then they should die.   WARNING, this does not always work.  And you have to make sure you do this really fast.  If you hesitate too long, the glitch won't work.

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