Tips to defeat your enemies

1.  Try to look weaker than you really are.  You can do this by keeping your hacked items in your inventory.  When trouble comes, then bring them out.  If you want to edit your stats with a trainer, leave your health alone.  Instead, raise your mana high so when a pk is near, you can use mana shield.

2.   Assign your best spells with the function keys F5-F8.  You do this by pressing "S" do bring up the spells window, then put the pointer over the spell you want and hit one of these function keys.   This allows you quick access to your spells in an emergency.

3.  Fight fire with fire.  Most pks are cheating wimps and the only way you can stand up to them is to cheat yourself.  I recommend that you have: nuke and anti-nuke programs, trainers, auto-kill programs, and anything else that will make you equal to the cheapest of the cheating pks.

4.  If you ever get into a hopeless battle with an invincible pk, or you come across a pk who is so pathetic you almost pity them, try this.   First ask if there is anything that they might need.  If there is, help them out and give them that.  Then invite them to work-up with you by killing monsters.   Hopefully by doing this, you show them that helping is far more rewarding than killing, and they will convert.  If they prove themselves to be worthy, feel free to invite them into the guild.  Make them feel welcomed and special.

5.  Try to fight in doorways as much as possible.   It limits the direction from which you can be attacked.

6.  If you are using the hack that gives you unlimited belt items, put a full rejuvination potion in the first slot, and fill the rest with scrolls for powerful magics such as: apocalypse, guardian, nova, chain lightning, teleport, and mana shield.

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