Mission Statement  

     "The Guardians of Justice stand strong against the encroaching forces of Evil. We are pledged to punish those who transgress against our laws. Laws that are based on fairness and equality. We will, if deemed necessary, fight to our dying breaths to keep PKs from overwhelming the game with their underhanded tricks and foul play."  

- Lothar   

Our Goals                                                                                                                                                                        

Goals that the Guardians of Justice hope to accomplish:

  • Help all in who are in need by providing them with whatever items, guidance, or assistance that they either need or ask for.
  • Protect people who are playing on BattleNet from those who have evil intentions.
  • Be a positive influence whether it is in a game, in a channel, or anywhere else on the internet.
  • Help make BattleNet a better, more enjoyable place to play and have fun.